Who We Are
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Who We Are

Our Mission:
To stop cancer from stopping you.

Our Vision:
A world where cancer creates an opportunity and invitation to heal.

The Believe Big Institute of Health is a culmination of searching worldwide for innovative oncology assessment and treatment.  Though integrative oncology programs do exist in academic institutions around the country, Believe Big has seen through the years how they fall short of offering a truly integrative approach that can change cancer outcomes.  We are in the beginning stages of creating an institute of health where health-minded individuals will come for a full evaluation to prevent a cancering process and cancer patients can find everything they need to heal in one place. 

We are a warm and inviting Christian community that will welcome guests of all faiths, backgrounds, and gender identities. We are respectful of each person’s beliefs, while at the same time, being true to who we are.

The Believe Big Institute of Health has 501c3 status as a subsidiary of our parent company Believe Big INC., which was founded in 2011.