Wellness Innovation — Mind, Body & Soul
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Wellness Innovation  / /  Mind, Body & Soul

• Health minded individuals can come for a wellness retreat, to gain valuable insight into their metabolic state, and go home with an effective plan to help
them thrive. 

• Wellness Cafe offering therapeutic cooking classes.

• Luxury Spa and non-toxic aesthetic medicine.

• Prevention of disease and enhancement of longevity through biohacking with therapeutic nutrition, targeted movement and physical fitness, biofeedback, hot and cold conditioning, and light therapies.

• Personalized wellness programs including genetic testing, clinical laboratory evaluation, acupuncture, chiropractic care, personal training, and more.

• A conducive environment to quiet one’s spirit, leave the demands of daily life, and be free to seek and deepen a spiritual connection with Christ. We are a warm and inviting Christian community that will welcome guests of all faiths, backgrounds, and gender identities. We are respectful of each person’s beliefs, while at the same time, being true to who we are.

The Believe Big Institute of Health has 501c3 status as a subsidiary of our parent company Believe Big INC., which was founded in 2011.